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I am a student for life who loves to share what I have learned through my photography journey with others.

If you're like me, you learn best by actually shooting instead of watching a video or sitting in a classroom.  I am always looking to help and inspire others who may be starting out.  A second shooter is the best way to do that.

Not all of my events require extra help, however I am always taking on different projects so don't hesitate to reach out and let me know you're interested.  You'll learn a team approach, lighting, composition, shooting film, and how to set yourself up for success through my experience.

"Ask yourself: what would I change if someone were to pay me a million dollars to take this photo?  If the answer is anything other than 'nothing'.... do it."

-Tyler Shields

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I am always updating my education page with anything that I believe will help you in your photography journey.  Everything from presets all the way templates and guides.

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It's impossible to use just one preset to get a consistent look- especially with film matching.  However, one of my most used and most adaptable is by Noble Presets.

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We're not computer coders but it feels like you have to be at times right?  Tonic Site Shop is incredible and used by so many high caliber photographers for a reason.

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